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Cape Agulhas (click to enlarge)

Located in Cape Agulhas, the southern-most point of South Africa, the Southern Wright Art Gallery opened in 2006, and has been doing a roaring trade since.

Proprietors Louise Myers and Nic Codeghini are permanent Cape Agulhas residents - not to mention ardent fans of the area! They're committed to producing and sourcing the best art that Agulhas and its surrounds has to offer. After an impressive career as a well-known florist, servicing many 5 star hotels in and around Cape Town, Louise has decided to take time out and concentrate on one of the things she loves most - spending time creating paintings that give her joy.

Louise focuses on oil-on-canvas art, producing soft, warm images suited to any environment, whether home, office, or entertainment spaces. Various high quality oils, water colours, sketches, and other art works are also on display, representing a range of excellent local artists.

The gallery also sells top notch art materials and supplies - please contact us with your requirements.

Feel free to browse our gallery here. Please note that this represents only a portion of the artwork available at the Southern Wright Art Gallery - these pages will be kept up-to-date, so please be sure to visit again!

Should you have any queries regarding orders and postage, or any other questions for that matter, please visit our contact page.

Louise gladly accepts commissions - should you wish to commission any work, please click here.

UPDATE: We're moving! Over the next few days, we'll be moving to our new address at 210 Main Road, which is three buildings away from the Cape Agulhas lighthouse.